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Select All Text Objects at Once

Select All Text Objects in Adobe Illustrator
When you need to select all of your text objects at once this is where the command is in the menu
closeup illustrator cross section
Who wants to Shift-click all of these? Not me.

Recently I was working on a project for a client that included some Adobe Illustrator files that would need updated for final printing. It wasn’t anything drastic, just a little darkening of some labels on a technical drawing. The only downside was that there were close to 30 blocks of text that needed converted and the previous user hadn’t separated them out into their own layer. It looked like I was about to spend some serious time selecting each text object one at a time to change their color. There had to be not just an easier way, but a quicker way. I wasn’t going to spend all that extra time going one by one if there was another solution. Well, guess what? There is and here it is.

Luckily all of those labels were still text elements and hadn’t been converted to outlined text. If they were outlined this technique wouldn’t work but I was lucky on this one. I am currently using Illustrator CC 2015 so this menu item may look a little different or even be in another  location in previous versions but I’m betting the command itself is still there in your version. To select all of my text, all that I had to do was go to Select>Object>All Text Objects.  Yep, it was just that simple. Instead of going one at a time, or trying to Shift+click all of them, now all of my text objects are selected. I can move them over to their own layer if I want and most importantly for my project control the color and font selection for all of them at once.

All Text Objects close up menu
Under the Select tab go next to Object and then select All Text Objects.

I feel like I should have known about this years ago, but  at least I know now. Hopefully you will find this tip helpful the next time you are working on an Illustrator file and need to edit all of your text at once. Thanks and I’ll be back again soon with another new post. Have a great day everyone.