College Sports Jewelry Poster

Penn State Jewelry PosterThis poster was designed primarily for the Kranich’s Jewelers State College locations. Although Penn State jewelry seemed to always sell well in their central Pennsylvania markets, there was always an upswing on college game days. I was tasked with creation of two sided durotran posters for display on the sidewalks right on College Ave in Happy Valley.

For color selections I reverted back to my days at the Altoona Mirror where we had a set color value for “Penn State Blue” which was always 100,80,0,20 and combined that with white to mimic the PSU school colors. This would prove helpful when I revisited this design for the Kranich’s Jewelers Johnstown location, which saw a swapping of the blue and white color scheme with the same blue but an addition of gold in place of the white to mimic the University of Pittsburgh colors.

I chose a serif font which paired nicely with their modern bauhaus like logo design and bordered the entire poster with a double line thin/thick frame.