Why Should Designers Blog?

What should you write about when you don’t know what to write about? In the world of graphic design there seems to be a bottomless well of subjects that i can write about that are on topic. Why then are there days that I think, “I have nothing to say about anything that I’m working on”? Maybe it’s because it is the first day of starting a new writing habit. I am just as bad as anyone; guilty of starting a number of blogs and then just letting them fall by the wayside. I’ve launched pages on Blogger, on WordPress, Tumblr, I even briefly tried to keep a blog on Myspace. (forgive my old age). So what is going to make this blog any different?
First off, this blog is hosted on my own domain. Why does that matter? Well since this is connected to my personal brand I feel that it’s time to take the advice of my contemporaries and truly curate both what I’m sharing and what I’m consuming. I am a designer first. That doesn’t mean that I don’t have other passions, but what should be highlighted on my blog is the fact that I am a graphic designer first and foremost.
So why curate my personal brand? Well, unless I plan on being a party promoter or the spokesman for an alcohol brand, photos out in clubs and bars with friends don’t really show the world what I feel I am all about as a professional. Photos of current work, snippets of work that inspire me or found articles about my field would be much better at illustrating where I’m coming from.
The thing that I find the hardest to overcome when giving content however is consistency. I could go days, maybe even weeks without posting something. Full disclosure, I don’t think I’ve published anything on Linkedin in about a month and my wife tags me more in her facebook statuses than I have posted in weeks. This is bad and I know that it’s bad. So I am going on record publicly here on this blog that I will be posting SOMETHING here relating to design WEEKLY. Some of the topics I’ll dive into include Adobe tips and techniques, how I built it case studies, printing and publishing tips, designing for the web and more. I love to learn new things about design and I also like to share my knowledge with others so If you come across a post of mine sometime down the road that helps you out just shoot me a little comment to let me know. I’m always glad to help out a fellow designer and I like to hear from you. So, I still don’t know what to write about, but even so, I just wrote a whole post about not knowing what to write about. Until next time.