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YOURewards Trip Postcards Case Study

Your Building Centers YOURewards 2015 promotion postcards

Your Building Centers is an employee owned building supplier based in central Pennsylvania. They have a customer loyalty program called YOURewards where customers earn points based on in store spending. These points are then exchanged for a variety of “rewards” including gift cards to popular restaurants, credits on their accounts and extravagant vacations. Each year a new series of postcards promoting these trips are produced and sent to their customers throughout the year.

The first question I had for the postcards was simply, “Where are they going this year”? There would be three trips to promote. The first was a family cruise through the western caribbean. The second an all inclusive trip to Riviera Maya, Mexico and the third was conveyed as the “Trip of a lifetime” to Hawaii with a stop in San Francisco and the Napa Valley on the return to the states. My only requirements were inclusion of their YOURewards logo, a teaser for the featured trip on the front and smaller teasers for the other two trips on the reverse side.

The copy for each trip was provided so I began research on each destination. I wanted to distill each trip down into the most basic ideas to grab the customer’s attention. I had also recently been inspired by the screen printing work of Allison Glancey from strawberryluna  as well as some awesome gig posters from Justin Kamerer so even though these wouldn’t be hand pulled, I still wanted that look you get with a restricted color palate.

My iconic images for the fronts were an anchor for the cruise, pineapples for Hawaii and a Mayan style face for Riviera Maya. I sketched out my roughs and went into Illustrator to start working on the polished versions.sketches for 2015 YOURewards postcards

The most formed idea I had was for the cruise. I would create a background with an ocean wave pattern and the central image of the anchor all mimicking my best memory of the water color of the Caribbean. background for the Cruise Postcard


By using three shades of blue and reversed text it really captured that screen print look I was going for.YOURewards cruise postcard photo 01YOURewards cruise postcard photo 02

The next postcard selected was for the Riviera Maya. I honestly didn’t know much about this region. So with some research on the area I learned that this was one of the places known for the Mayan temples. Thanks to years of watching westerns as a child I automatically associate sepia tones to Mexico so I would choose different shades of gold and yellow for the patterned background.background for the Riviera Maya Postcard

I also wanted to incorporate what I learned about the area when I designed the main graphic featuring my own version of a Mayan calendar. I deliberately tried to model mine after the center of the one in the temple near where the trip is taking place.YOURewards Mexico postcard photo 01 YOURewards Mexico postcard photo 02

The third and final piece focused on the Hawaii trip. So many things come to mind when thinking of this place it was difficult to narrow it down. This was also their featured BIG trip that they really wanted to emphasize so I wanted it to be just a little different while still keeping with my theme. My background would start with palm trees and surfboards. Both I felt were fitting icons of the state.background for the Hawaii Postcard

For the main graphic I chose their main export, pineapples. By using that green background I could convey feelings of relaxation and fresh feeling of renewal. I compliment it with the same golden orange from the previous design and kept a simple design to add a cohesiveness to all three pieces. YOURewards Hawaii postcard photo 02 YOURewards Hawaii postcard photo 01

The designs turned out well and Your Building Centers were pleased with their final product.

Cruise Postcard Hawaii postcard mexico postcard