Why Should Designers Blog?

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What should you write about when you don’t know what to write about? In the world of graphic design there seems to be a bottomless well of subjects that i can write about that are on topic. Why then are there days that I think, “I have nothing to say about anything that I’m working […]

Poster Design 2014 Travel

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Trip Poster Design for Your Building Centers As part of their YOUReward customer incentive program, I created this Trip poster design which was used primarily at their annual Building and Remodeling Show in the spring of 2014. Later these were displayed at the separate branches of  Your Building Centers throughout the rest of 2014. I based […]

Jewelry Photography Samples

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I shot these rings in a light box for a contest Kranich’s is participating in on wearecentralpa.com where users vote on all of the details of one couple’s wedding arrangements.  I had to clip out the background a little and added a Photoshop generated shadow. These are just four of what were easily hundreds of […]

Retail Signage Redesign

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A redesign of the round clearance sign for Kranich’s Jewelers was requested to fit their new in store displays at Kranich’s Jewelers Logan Valley Mall location. I took the original design and reformatted the text into this rectangular shape which hopefully fixed the instillation problems associated with their round version of the sign.