InDesign can Print that Booklet for You

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A long time ago at a newspaper not so far away, yours truly got his first real life experience putting together a booklet and using signatures. Back then I was using QuarkXpress 5 and was fresh out of college. Ironically I was never taught anything about Quark at my alma mater so I jumped head […]

Case Studies

YOURewards Trip Postcards Case Study

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Your Building Centers YOURewards 2015 promotion postcards

Your Building Centers is an employee owned building supplier based in central Pennsylvania. They have a customer loyalty program called YOURewards where customers earn points based on in store spending. These points are then exchanged for a variety of “rewards” including gift cards to popular restaurants, credits on their accounts and extravagant vacations. Each year a […]


Select All Text Objects at Once

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Recently I was working on a project for a client that included some Adobe Illustrator files that would need updated for final printing. It wasn’t anything drastic, just a little darkening of some labels on a technical drawing. The only downside was that there were close to 30 blocks of text that needed converted and […]